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Wedding Day Services

1st Dance  | Father/Daughter, Mother/Son | Bridal Party Dances  

​Don’t want to bore your guests with that same ol’ high school sway dance you’ve seen at every other wedding? 
Want your wedding party to surprise and entertain your guests with a special entrance or dance?  
Mom or Dad feeling nervous about being in the dance floor spotlight with you on your big day?
Want a dance instructor who can teach popular line dances or dance steps while they wait for you to take your wedding day photos?
Hire a professional dance instructor and choreographer to design a wedding day to blow their dance socks off and truly make it a day for ALL to remember!

We offer many options to make your big day the grand event it should be:

  • 1st wedding song dance/choreography tailored to you and your song

  • Father/daughter and Mother/Son dance/choreography

  • Bridal party choreographed dance

  • Wedding day dance lessons for your guests during your photo time for entertainment. 

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(See "private lesson" page for private lesson pricing, and all other info about your lessons and scheduling.) 

It can be as simple as a few dance steps with an intro/ending, to as spectacular as a full choreographed piece with dips and/or lifts!  It’s up to you!  Your dance will be personally tailored to fit your song, style and personalities.  

Things you should know:

  • Start Early! Don't wait until the last minute to learn how to dance. Not only will you not look as good on the dance floor, but you won't feel as good either. We want you to be excited about sharing your 1st dance with all your guests, not nervous and dreading it because you haven't had time to learn and practice it. Start a minimum of 6 weeks in advance (if you're coming in a minimum of twice a week) and be consistent with your lessons!

  • Be realistic about what can be accomplished in a short amount of time. If you want a dance that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and something you are really proud and excited to show off, expect to take a minimum of 10 lessons. Most couples will feel comfortable after 12-18 with their special choreography. 

  •  If you can’t decide on a song, we can help!  We love it when our couples have a song that is special to them, but if not, we’ve got you covered and can help you pick out a song that will be special to you.

  • ​If you have picked out a song, know the title and artist.  Some songs are done by several different artists and we want to use the same version you are dancing to.

  • Consider the length of your song.  Somewhere between 2 mins. 30 secs. to 3 mins. 30 secs. is a good amount of time to show off and entertain without dragging on or having to memorize a lot of choreography.  Keep in mind, the longer the song is, the more choreography there is to remember.    

  • ​You most likely will NOT be dancing a waltz.  Waltz has a very specific time signature of ¾ and most 1st wedding dance songs have something like a 4/4 time.  If you choose a soft rock/pop love song for example, there’s a great chance you will end up doing a Night Club 2-Step, which is a graceful and beautiful dance, but it definitely isn’t a Waltz.