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Want to have a say  in what online group classes go on next month's calendar? Then vote right here!

Need more info about the dances before you vote for them? Then visit our "Learn about the Dances" section!


How we're accommodating our classes to the online platform:

We know it's just not the same when you're not in a live class. We get it! Your live instructor can never be replaced, however, if this is all you can do, then it's definitely better than doing nothing at all! We definitely don't want your dance skills, abilities, technique, and knowledge to backslide just because you can't be physically at the studio. So we are tailoring all our online classes to make sense for a few of the challenges you all may be facing while quarantined at home. 

  • We have adjusted class voting to reflect only dances that do not require a lot of space. You'll notice dances like Foxtrot, Tango & Country 2-Step had to be removed to accommodate the reality that most of us don't have a ton of empty space to move in while at home.
  • We have eliminated partner dance options that are too complex-pattern heavy in favor of dances that can be practiced solo (and also with a partner) just in case you don't have a partner. 
  • We have added some Solo Footwork Choreo classes in our Intermediate level classes so you can still practice your movement, styling, rhythm, technique, pattern and sequencing, WITHOUT a partner. 

Regarding your votes:

  • We will only count votes made from the 1st of the month until the 18th. Any votes made before or after will not be counted. This is to ensure votes were cast for the correct month and by the 19th we will be setting the next month's schedule according to those votes. 
  • You do not have to rank all the dances, just the classes you would attend online. Please do not rank or vote for classes you would not personally attend online. 
  • Please only vote once per level, per month! We play by the honor system. (Also we know when you vote more than once anyway and will discount multiple votes from the same person.)