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Our Smooth/Standard Ballroom shoes cost between $79.99 - $85.99. 

Your close toed shoes should fit like a glove. There should not be any gap from the back of your heel to the back of the shoe, and the front of the shoe should should end just in front of your toes, without the toes actually pushing against the inside of the shoe uncomfortably, but without much of a gap in front of them either. Close toed shoes should feel secure, but not stuffed.


Dance Shoes

Smooth/Standard dance shoes are worn for:

  • Foxtrot
  • Quickstep
  • Waltz
  • Viennese Waltz
  • Tango

Smooth/Standard ballroom shoes are closed toed with a 2.5" slim or regular heel. The toes tend to be just slightly more pointed. A popular and common look for a ballroom shoe is something like this:

These shades are all considered neutral and you can find several styles in each of these through Very Fine Shoes, the line we carry. Keep in mind competitive or performing ballroom dancers almost always use a spray tan, so the shoes come in tones that  match this as well. 

For your 2nd pair I recommend a classic looking black shoe of some kind. 

This is only a small example of styles of shoes we can order, but it gives you an idea as to other designs, fabrics, and styles we can order. 

You can get pairs with rhinestones to dress them up even more for fancier events, or if you just want to have some fancy feet. 

Typically ballroom dancers will go for a neutral color because the neutral color will complete leg lines and make the legs appear longer. I always recommend starting with a neutral color for your 1st pair. Unless you plan on wearing black pants always, then I really feel the neutral tone best matches everything because it is meant to be neutral and blend with skin tones, and no matter what you wear, you're always wearing your skin.