Before you show up for classes, here are ALL the things you probably want to know before you step through our door.

Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

​Read our​​​​​ Dance Class Etiquette tutorial.

Read our "How to Learn Quickly" tutorial.

You can fill out our Online Liability Waiver now, or when you come in to the studio.

Read our FAQ section for answers to common questions like "What should I wear?" and "How do I enroll in classes?"

Some things you should know about us before you come in:

1. Choose joy when you are here. Leave negativity out the door. Bring your kindness, generosity, happiness, joy, positivity, love, encouragement, friendliness, support and fun to the table. 

2. We create a dance family at our studio. We want you to be a part of that too. Take some time to get to know the new members of your family. I promise they are people worth your time. 

3. We don't need your ego, we need your willingness. We need people who are:

  • Willing to learn.
  • Willing to try.
  • Willing to get corrected.
  • Willing to work hard.
  • Willing to be uncomfortable; stretch beyond their comfort zone.
  • Willing to look/feel silly and laugh at themselves.
  • Willing to encourage and be kind to others. 

If you're unwilling to do any one of those things, this probably isn't the studio for you. 

4. Have your expectations in check. 

  • Expect to be corrected. It's our job to teach you. Don't take it personally. Take it personal if we don't care enough to pay attention to you.
  • Expect every class to challenge you. What doesn't challenge you doesn't change you. Yes, it will be hard, but it will also be so worth it!
  • Expect to not be able to perform the way you want to.Expect that at times you will feel foolish and defeated. This is your ego talking. Ignore it. Press on. Keep going. We are all on a journey. That's why our motto is "Never Perfect, Always Improving". Embrace that. 
  • Expect to be held accountable for your output and progress. We recognize your capability and will push you to reach your personal best. We don't plan on going easy on you because we know you're capable of a lot more than you know right now. You will get out of your classes what you put in, so work hard and work smart. Do what it takes to improve and progress while still honoring your body. 

Need something at the studio?

  • Find gum, mints, feet wipes (for your barefoot classes), tissues and hand sanitizer at the front desk always! (And Lysol wipes to wipe down mats after use!!)
  • Yoga mats, yoga blocks, stretching straps and other useful equipment and accessories can be found around the studio for your use or assistance during some of our fitness classes.
  • Find a whole suite of toiletries in the bathroom for your use – lotions, flossers, spray deodorants, hair accessories, facial wipes, Listerine, lint roller, (ladies, we’ve got you covered too) and so many other products at your disposal. Look, smell, and feel good with all the items you may need all in the bathroom!
  • We sell dance shoes at the studio when you finally realize your street shoes just don’t cut it. Want more info about our dance shoes? Click HERE.

If you haven't already noticed, here are some of the cool things you can find on our website:

  • Music Playlists by genre for listening and practice. (Can also be accessed from our YouTube channel.) Go to "Learn About the Dances" and click on whatever dance you are interested in. 
  • Information on the various dances we teach, including video examples of each type of dance, and information about the music used for it. Go to "Learn About the Dances" and click on whatever dance you are interested in. 
  • In depth dance class and social dance etiquette tutorials (if you are new to the dance world, you’ll definitely want to give these a read!)
  • Info on how to pick the right dance shoes for the type(s) of dance(s) you are learning, and how dance shoes are different from street shoes and why. (When you’re ready, get fitted for a pair at the studio!)
  • All the details about what we offer like Group and Private lessons, Social Events, Dance Socials, Choreography and studio rental.
  • Other random fun and good info!

Class and payment policies (This info can also be found on the group and private lesson pages.)

  • Only pay for what classes you will be attending in the 4-week session. Lessons will not roll over to future sessions.
    • Group class period: From your start date until the last day of the session.
    • Private lessons period: 4-weeks from the day you begin.
  • Classes are not transferrable from person to person or from privates to groups.
  • Classes are not refundable.
  • You can only make up classes by attending a drop-in class during the same session you missed your class in. We encourage you to do so, so that you are not missing out on your classes.
  • Private lessons require a 24 hr cancellation notice, otherwise it will be charged.
  • Payments are due at time of 1st class of the session, or if paying class by class, at the end of your lesson for the day. 

Unlimited Membership Benefits

  • Attend all classes, dance and fitness, that are appropriate for your skill level. (If you’re not an intermediate dancer, you wouldn’t join an intermediate dance class for example.)
  • Reduced prices on workshops and dances.
  • 20% off your 1st DioAmore clothing purchase of the month, and 10% off every purchase thereafter in that month, every month you are an unlimited member.

Students receive 15% off their 1st DioAmore clothing purchase of the month, and 5% off every purchase thereafter in that month, every month of enrollment.

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Ways you can help support the studio:
1.Show up! We love seeing your face! Come for your classes. Hang out afterwards and chat up some of your fellow classmates. Come to the dance socials, movie nights and parties. We guarantee you’ll meet some awesome people and probably get to eat some pretty awesome food with them too.
2.INVITE the people you like. The ones you laugh with, the ones who bring joy into your life in some way somehow. And if an invite is too subtle, put them in your car and walk them in the door to try out a month or 12. (Don’t like’em? Don’t invite’em! We probably wouldn’t either!)
3.Let people on Yelp (and facebook and google…..) know what you think of us. So far we have over 30 all 5-star reviews (although not all are “recommended” by Yelp), and we’d love for you to share your experience with others who may be intimidated to walk in our door. We really want people to know how great all the people at our studio are. Our classes are pretty awesome too, but the people really make this place special. People like you.
4.Follow us on Facebook and share our posts, check-in or share anything you like about our studio on your social media.
5.Grab a big handful of our square Invite cards and hand them out. Write your name on them, hand them to people who have never been here before, and if they show up with the card with your name on it, we’ll give them a drop-in class for just $1, or $5 off their group lesson package, AND you’ll get $3 off your next month of classes with us! The more people you invite, the more money stays in your pocket!
6.Sport your Dio wear around town, especially to local dance opportunities. Go out and dance and be seen! When people ask where’d you learn to dance so well, make sure you invite them to a class with you!

Cubbies are reserved for our regular, consistent students who attend a MINIMUM of 3 days a week (not just 3 classes per week) for each month they have a cubby. If there is an empty or available cubby, and you qualify, please feel free to claim a cubby for yourself. If you go on hiatus or drop your number of days attending below 3, please expect that after 60 days we will remove your items from your cubby and hold them in lost and found. After an additional 30 days in lost and found, items will be donated as it will be assumed you no longer want abandoned items. Out of consideration for your fellow classmates, we ask that you instead would voluntarily remove your items to make way for others who could make better use of the space.

Lost & Found, personal Yoga Mat space & Dance Shoes

  • Lost & Found

Lost or abandoned items will be held in our Lost and Found for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 90 days. After that time period, we will assume items are abandoned/unwanted, and they will be donated.

  • Personal Yoga Mats

Personal Yoga mats left abandoned by owners will be left for a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 90 days in their current location (next to water fountain). After that time period, we will assume your mat is abandoned/unwanted, and we will add the mat to mats available for studio use.

  • Dance Shoes

If you order a pair of dance shoes (paid for at time of order) and abandon them at the studio for longer than 60 days, we will assume you are abandoning the purchase and place the shoes in stock for sale.

If any of these items happen to be available still, please let us know as our intention is to return items to their owners.