Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

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Private Lessons

Private lessons with Angeline Lucia can be scheduled based on availability.

To schedule your private lesson(s), please call (707) 761-5214 and Angeline will be happy to assist you. 

  • Private lessons are 50 mins long:  45 mins of dance floor time, 5 mins for administrative work (scheduling future lessons, payments, for example). 
  • Private lesson rates are the same for singles and couples. 
  • Private lessons can be scheduled at the convenience of your and your instructor’s schedule.  Private lessons cannot be scheduled during our regular group class schedule (Mon-Thurs 6pm-9:15pm), but most weeks, all days and other times are open for scheduling.  If you are taking only private lessons, please expect to find at least 2 days a week you can commit to your lessons.  We find that students who take lessons less than 2 days a week do not progress and do not get the full benefit of their time or financial investment.  As with learning any other skill, the more time you can spend in a learning environment, the quicker you will learn. 
  • If you would like to schedule a semi-private lesson (3 or more people), add $10 per person per lesson.  (For example, if your lesson rate is $50 and you have 3 people join for a total of 5 in your group, you would add $30 for the 3 additional people to your lesson rate of $50 for a total of $80). 
  •  YOU WILL HAVE AS MANY WEEKS TO COMPLETE YOUR LESSONS AS LESSONS YOU HAVE IN YOUR PACKAGE. (For example: If you choose the 10 package, you will have 10 weeks to complete your lessons). YOUR LESSONS WILL EXPIRE AFTER, AND YOU WILL FORFEIT THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LESSONS. (Show up for your lessons!!!)

Private Lesson Pricing