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Jazz Sneakers

Practice Shoes (Suede Bottomed)

Practice shoes provide a flatter heel and wider heel for more stability and comfort, they also tend to lace up, but any shoe that has a flatter and wider heel can qualify as a practice shoe. West Coast Swing shoe styles would also qualify as practice shoes. Here are common practice shoes not included on the West Coast Swing page: 

These shoes run between $79.99-$85.99 with us, and like your other dance shoes, should fit like a glove.

The benefit of wearing Jazz Sneakers specifically, is these shoes can be worn outside, because they do not have a  suede bottom, but are still good for dance practice as well. 

You'll also note these shoes have split-soles for lots of flexibility, while still giving you a "hard" sole for outdoor wear. 

Men can get away with wearing these shoes more than women as they are more similar to a men's casual dance shoe than they are a ballroom heel. Women would not typically ever wear jazz sneakers with a skirt or a dress for instance. Most styles are unisex, though some colors may be more geared towards women than men.  

Jazz sneakers come in an array of styles and colors. Here is a small selection of colors and styles you could choose from:

Practice Shoes


Jazz Sneakers

Practice shoes often refer to Jazz Sneakers, but practice shoes can also just refer to a flatter dance shoe, generally worn when you intend on doing a lot of practicing, teaching or you're just trying to give your feet a rest from your "snazzier" dance shoes.

These shoes are $64.99 a pair through us, and like other closed-toed shoes, should fit like a glove. The shoe should end just in front of your toes, without the toes actually pushing against the inside of the shoe uncomfortably, but without much of a gap in front of them either. Your feet should feel secure, but not stuffed.