Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Mission Statement

Transform people into happier, healthier individuals in mind,

body and spirit through dance and fitness. 

Cultivate within people a passion for music & movement.

Build stronger, more confident individuals through kindness.

Create a safe environment where people can express themselves,
be who they are and who they want to be.

Actualize a place that harbors positive energy, courage, passion,
integrity, creativity, success, inspiration and excitement.

Give people a second-home where they know they are wanted,

appreciated and welcomed.

Bring into being a community of people who come to laugh,

love, foster new & old friendships alike, learn,

share, sing, relax, be happy and dance.

Encourage people to be the best people they can be

and support them with fervid determination in their endeavor.

Share the treasures and talents people have possessed within them all along,

but never knew.

Laugh, Love and DANCE.