For info on online private lessons, click HERE, or for in person private lessons, click HERE.

While we are still navigating these times, we will still have some online options for classes. Online courses aren’t the same as being in person, we know this, but we are able to offer some benefits we can’t offer live, in addition to benefits you would expect from attending live classes.

Benefits to online classes:

  • When viewing during our live feed (class time), interact and ask questions and get feedback and answers live!

We heavily encourage you to keep some normalcy in your routines while we are in this very abnormally scheduled period. Join us for the live online class and one of the biggest benefits is I will be able to watch you live and give you feedback, as well as answer questions in the moment. And please! Please, please, please – Ask questions!
Not to mention the benefit of feeling in community, togetherness and unity while we’re all dancing in our living rooms/kitchens at the same time. So important to have that outlet right now. Isolation can lead to anxiety and depression which can manifest in many ways and be the root of other unhealthy issues. Let’s combat that by “dancing together”!

  • Classes are available to view for longer.

With the online option you will have access to month long sessions for 5 weeks (1 week past the last class), and access to drop-in classes up until the following class is recorded. Forgot a move from class 2 during class 6? Go back and watch the class again!

  • Personal feedback after each dance class on your 60 second practice session clips.

We are also heavily encouraging you to record yourself (live or pre-recorded FB post to the group only) practicing for some personal feedback. This way we can ensure you are not creating any bad habits or missing any steps.

  • Rewind & Re-watch as many times as you need to.

If what I said and showed didn’t sink in as much as you would have liked it to, then rewind and re-watch as many times as you need to until you really feel like you’ve mastered the movement and lead/follow. All at your own pace!

  • Take (and/or re-watch) the class when it’s convenient for you.

We know some of you are still working, or maybe, you just simply don’t have the energy in that moment, but that’s not a problem with online classes. Take the class whenever you are available. Never miss a class because you couldn’t make it. Now, just replay the class whenever you are ready.

  • PJs/Sweats and T-shirts, socks, messy hair, etc is totally acceptable.

For most in person classes, we would ask you to do a little more to look presentable for class, but not while you’re in the privacy of your own home! Dance in whatever attire you want, looking however you want! (This is not an encouragement to not to take care of your basic hygiene for your own – and your household’s – benefit, but just simply an opportunity to have a more relaxed, laissez-faire appearance.)

How does it work:
We are using Facebook and Zoom as our platforms to bring you quality content.

  • You will need access to a smartphone or computer (preferably with a camera on it).
  • You will need a basic profile/account for both Facebook and Zoom.​ 

​            Both platforms are free to you and require minimal information to join. 

  • If you haven't already, please fill out our online liability waiver found here: DioAmore Online Waiver
  • Payments can be made through Venmo to Angeline DioAmore. See below for class prices. Simply add up the number of classes you are joining, and pay accordingly. 
  • ​You can find all our FB group classes here. Click whichever class links you are interested in joining and click "Join Group".  Pending your payment, we will add you to the group from there. 
  • Classes will be shot live from the Zoom platform (and from FB live, but that is just for being able to review material).

         With Zoom, all participants from our group at that moment will be able to see and hear you unless you mute the video and/or audio option. (So avoid situations where you may be taking your phone with you in the bathroom, etc while on Zoom.) We really encourage you to keep your video feed on so we can see you on screen as well and interact with you, and receive and ask questions.

  • The Zoom invite codes are already posted in your FB group class. Just before your group class starts, click the link to join your Zoom class and get ready for your class to begin shortly!

         Once you’ve joined the live video you can

              -  Practice with us

              -  Get feedback in the moment

              -  Ask questions and get answers in the moment

  • You can also watch the FB live video from the FB group whenever you would like.


  • Upload your practice clip. Practice clips should:

              -  Be uploaded after your class, but 24 hrs BEFORE the next class in the series. If it is not received 24 hrs prior to                     the next class, you can still upload it, but won’t receive personalized feedback.
              -  Be posted in the appropriate FB group. Not on your FB profile page unless you want the public to be able to view                   it. If you post it within the group, only the group members would be able to view it.
              -  You can do a FB live post from the group or upload a pre-recorded video from your camera (phone, laptop, etc)                     to the group.
              -  Be 60 seconds or less.
              -  Show you from head to feet.
              -  Feature you counting out in timing or rhythm the steps. (You should be doing this during your practices ALL OF                     THE TIME!)
         Your personal practice clips will never be used outside of your FB group without your prior consent, and will be used             for the sole purpose of providing you with personal feedback to correct any missteps and ward off any bad habits from           forming.

  • Watch and re-watch videos as you need to for up to a week after the last class in that session has finished.

We will be designing these classes to be appropriate and beneficial for both single dancers and couples to learn and practice - with consideration that the goal is to eventually be able to socially dance with a real live partner.

Before starting, stopping, or changing any part of your health care plan, including physical activities like dance and fitness, you should always consult with a medical professional first. DioAmore and its affiliates are not a suitable or proper replacement for medical advice regarding your personal health condition. As always, please use common sense regarding your health and fitness. If a movement is not appropriate for you, modify as necessary, or discontinue. In exchange for opportunity to participate in any of the DioAmore Dance & Fitness Studio programs, whether in person or through online usage, inside the studio or at any other location, you agree you participation is completely voluntary and at your own risk. You also agree to hold harmless DioAmore Dance & Fitness and any of its affiliates from any and all losses, liabilities injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims. 

 By agreeing to participate in/have access to online classes, you are also agreeing:

  • To not invite or share with others who have not paid for the service to the groups, or to view the class material.
  • To not keep, record, distribute, share, download, upload, in part or in total, any of the videos you are given access to, including both the DioAmore material, and personal material from your classmates.
  • Your access to the service is for your personal use only, and for the time period of which the service is offered.
  • ​To use the groups for their intended purpose only – for interaction with regards to the class.
  • To the entirety of our liability waiver for DioAmore Dance & Fitness Studio. 

Any entity that violates these agreements will be removed from all the DioAmore Dance & Fitness Studio programs, in person and online, without reimbursement, and may be subject to legal action.

We reserve the right to cancel any online group class with 5 or fewer enrolled. Your money for that class will be refunded in that case, but again, we do not offer refunds for classes that you have paid for, but for whatever reason choose not to "attend". 

As always, we will never use, sell, give away, share, etc your personal information for any reason other than conducting our business in ways you have agreed to, and in accordance with state and federal laws. 

Online Group  Classes 

Group Class Pricing

Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Detailed information about classes on the calendar can be viewed by clicking on the class on the calendar below and selecting "More Details".