Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Dance Style: Latin Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba Salsa (but I hear they play other styles of Latin music as well). Salsa and Bachata Salsa and Bachata Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue and Cumbia
Name of Location or Event The Davis Graduate Trancas Steakhouse Midtown Barfly Plush Ultra Lounge Sabroso Sundays Allegro Ballroom Space 550
Address 805 Russell Blvd 999 Trancas St. 1119 21st St. 1596 Howe Ave. (Held outdoors at the Lion's Gate Hotel) 5855 Christie Ave. 550 Barneveld Ave.
Davis, Ca 95616 Napa, Ca Sacramento, Ca 95811 Sacramento, Ca 95825 3410 Westover Ave. Emeryvile, Ca 94608 San Francisco, Ca 94124
McClellan Park, Ca 95692
Phone Number 530-758-4723 707-258-9990 916-872-0062 916-856-2023 866-258-5651 510-655-2888 415-821-3563
Distance from Studio 20 miles 29.2 miles 35.3 miles 40.3 miles 43.1 miles 44.1 miles 54.7 miles
Days/Times Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays Sundays 9pm – 1:30am Wednesdays & Fridays 9:3pm - 1:30am Tuesdays 9:30pm-12am Sundays from April to October only (or as weather permits since this event is done outdoors.) 5-10pm Saturday Nights: Occasional Saturdays. Check schedule for details. 8pm-2am or 7:30pm – 1am for Latin nights.
Sunday Nights: Salsa starts at 8pm. Bachata starts at 8:45pm. Kizomba starts at 9:30pm. All end at 1:30am.
Saturdays 8pm - 2:30am
Music: Live, DJ or Both DJ only DJ only DJ only DJ only DJ and occasional Live Music Live music and DJ Live Band and DJ's. Generally a live salsa band, and a different DJ in each room.
Cover: Free before 9pm for 21+. $6 after 9pm. Doesn't say. Free perhaps? $8 $5 $5 Saturday Night: $15 Sunday Night: $10 $20 or pre-sale for ½ price ($10), or email to be on discounted guest list for $13 at
Dance Floor(s): (1) Nice large oak hardwood dance floor. Unknown (2) dance floors. Otherwise unkown. Unknown My guess would be a portable dance floor since it is an occasional outside event. However, I have not been to this event before. Allegro ballroom has 4 floors; 2 huge floors, a smaller junior ballroom floor and a smaller practice room. The main floors are huge with beautiful floors. There are 4 dance floors at this venue. The Salsa dance floor is nicely sized. Dance opposite of the stage if you want air conditioned air, otherwise it can get pretty warm out there. The bachata floor is much smaller. Generally, it gets very crowded in there, like body to body crowded, which also makes it quite warm. Expect to get very little space on the floor in this room.
Ages: 18+ Uknown 18+ 18+ Unknown. Possibly all? All! 21+
Crowd: Davis is a college town, so you can expect a good amount of college aged people there, but there are middle-aged adults there as well. Sometimes there are really good dancers there, and there are always beginners there too. While some people are “just checking it out”, most people are there to dance. Even if you go by yourself, you’ll have plenty of people to dance with. Just remember while out there with the other beginners to keep your own space as best you can. Uknown Unknown I haven’t been here before, so I’d go with whatever you would wear to an average Salsa club. Unknown The people here are dancers and are there to dance. There are dancers of varying levels, so expect them to have a general sense of rules of the dance floor. Crowd is 21 and over. Good mix of ages, but probably none to few over late 50’s. This is the spot where the “dancers” frequent, so expect to see some pretty decent dancers out there, and of course beginners as well. The better dancers know how to keep their space and of course will expect you to keep your space as well. There are a few there just to “check out the salsa club” and drink as well, but most people there are there to dance!
What to Wear: It runs the gamut. Some people choose to dress up a bit. Others choose to keep it casual. Unkown. Go with what one might normally wear to a Salsa night. I haven’t been here before, so I’d go with whatever you would wear to an average Salsa Club. I haven’t been here before, so I’d go with whatever you would wear to an average Salsa club. I haven't been here before, but the venue is outside, so dress for the weather and for dancing. I haven’t been to a Salsa night at Allegro in some time, but when I was going the attire ran the gamut from very casual to more dressy. Regardless of what you wore, if you were willing to go out in public like that, you were probably ok. If you go middle of the road, you can’t go wrong. Dress moderately well. Ladies could wear a dress or skirt, but they don’t have to, to fit in. Men: Wear a nice pair of jeans with a nice button up.
Other Offerings: It’s a bar, sports, hang out, dance place. They have a menu with burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and salads which includes other things like fries, mozzarella sticks and other fried things. There are also a few billiard tables. Well, it's a steakhouse so….. Unknown They have a bar. Otherwise unknown. Unknown This location offers other styles/ nights of dancing as well. Ample parking. Multiple ballrooms. 2 huge ones. Often times there are snack foods at these dances. Free parking with security patrol. There is a paid coat check and bar.
Comments: The Grad is the closest place to us for some decent Salsa. Be aware that on some Salsa nights at some point in the late evening it will switch to more of a free for all, like hip hop/reggaetón. The website does not provide any more information and I have never been there, so I can’t really make any. I have never been to this venue, so I have no other information that I can give. I have never been to this venue, so I have no other information that I can give. I have never been to this venue, so I have no other information I can give. Allegro ballroom has huge beautiful ballroom floors and mirrors. Parking is plentiful, open and free, and it is conveniently right of the 80 freeway before the SF bridge. Definitely would recommend this location! Parking around this area can feel a bit sketchy, but they say they have security patrolling. I would suggest that ladies go with friends or have a trusted person walk them to their car when leaving at the end of the evening. The rooms can get quite warm. Expect to sweat with everyone else! The bachata room gets quite squishy. Be ready to be squished into the masses if you enter! There are dancers of all levels at this venue, but they definitely get some more advanced dancers there too. Definitely a plus!