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In between his day job as a software developer, running his Virtual Reality Center, dancing at the studio, competing in West Coast Swing, Country 2-Step and Night Club 2-Step, Josh enjoys RELAXING and traveling with his, like once a's a good thing he's still young!

​​​​​Transformed in more ways than one, he walked in a computer programmer/gamer on a diet that included pizza and Chinese as primary food groups, in debt despite a great day job, and living a rather sedentary, if not eccentric, bachelor lifestyle. Within 3 months at DioAmore he had lost 35 lbs by attending every available classes, working his butt off (literally), and following nutritional advice given to him at the studio. After attending the free Financial Peace University course offered at the studio, he found himself out of debt and saving for the 1st time in his adult life. A newly unrecognizable man to those who had known him the years previous, he took the next plunge....he married the owner. He continued to lose more weight, play fewer games, and his bachelor days of pizza and Chinese food and debt were forever over. As of 2017 he has lost upwards of 50lbs and is still striving to achieve the mythical "6-Pack".

​Joshua has a passion for dance, fitness, self-improvement, random skills like poi spinning, juggling, chain mailing, and technology, so much so that he has opened a Virtual Reality Center just 4 doors down from DioAmore called Outer Limits Virtual Reality. 

Joshua DeGeorge

    Co-Owner / Instructor Techie / Handyman / Optimist / Happiest guy in the joint

Pre-DioAmore 2011 / Post DioAmore Dec. 2015

Joshua's dance journey began at 25yrs young when he stepped into DioAmore in October of 2013 as a student with the conviction that every well-rounded individual should know how to dance. After immediately falling in love with the studio and it's mission to transform people into Happier, Healthier, Individuals in Mind, Body, & Spirit; he knew he found his new home away from home.

Joshua had an aptitude for dance that was enviable to say the least. One of those nice guys you love to hate only because they pick up things far quicker than anyone else around them. With great dedication and effort to practicing in and out of class, Josh quickly rose through the ranks from student to assistant instructor, then co-instructor, to instructor, and 3 years later co-owner of DioAmore Dance & Fitness. With a knack for communication, patience, and positivity; Josh has been a valued member of the DioAmore Dance Family since his arrival. He currently specializes in West Coast Swing, Salsa, Country 2-Step, Night Club 2-Step, Motivation, and is capable of instructing the basics of the other 15+ ballroom and social dances taught at DioAmore.​​

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