We are pleased to announce that in August we will have all of our group classes in person either at Arlington Park, or at our home studio (see "more details" on the calendar for all info). Please call the studio 707-761-5214 for the address.

For more specific information about our Group DANCE Classes, click HERE, or check out "More Details" about the class on the calendar.

For more specific information about our Group FITNESS classes, click HERE, or check out "More Details" about the class on the calendar.

Safety Protocols

​To protect all our participants we ask that you be able to answer "no" to all of these questions before showing up for any of your lessons:

  • Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 72 hours: fever, cough, scratchy throat, difficulty breathing, chills, loss of smell or taste, nausea, vomiting, or flu-like symptoms?
  • Are you aware of having been physically near (less than 6ft) to anyone who has Covid in the past week?
  • Have you recently tested positive (regardless of present symptoms) or are you awaiting results of a recent covid test because of concerns you may have the virus? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of these 4 questions, we kindly ask you to remain home for everyone’s health and safety.

Traditionally we require everyone to dance with everyone in our group partnered dance classes, however, during these times we will allow singles to dance solo and couples to dance with only each other and not switch partners if preferred
Switching partners is completely optional.

We encourage everyone to participate as they are most comfortable - with or without a mask, however, we encourage anyone who has not been fully vaccinated to consider wearing a mask for your safety and the safety of your fellow participants and teacher.


  •  For indoor classes at our home studio, please call for the address and to confirm your space in class.
  • Before your 1st class please fill out our Online Liability Waiver.
  • Simply show up about 10 mins early for your 1st class. Please be prepared to pay by Venmo or exact Cash/Check.

​We will not offer refunds for missed classes so please show up to all your lessons!

Things to keep in mind for our Outdoor classes

The weather and floor are not under our control and may not be ideal. If it is hot, be sure to bring water with you. If you are in sun, wear proper protection for your skin (either through long sleeves or sunscreen/block). The "dance floor" we will be on will be less than ideal for dancing most likely. Consider your footwear carefully and you may want to consider investing in a pair of dance sneakers to save your knees as turning on pavement can be quite hard on them. Find out more info about jazz sneakers here: Practice


Group Classes

Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Detailed information about classes on the calendar can be viewed by clicking on the class on the calendar below and selecting "More Details".