Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Here are some important dates we’d like you to know and put on your calendars: (Dates and times subject to change, additional events may be added. Always look at our online calendar for the most up to date information, and to find additional details about these events,

Several dates in Sept & Oct. TBA – Thriller Workshops
Sat. 10/17 – Halloween Movie Night
Sat. 10/24 – Halloween Costume Party

Outside Dancing:
4/11 – 7:00-10:30p - Napa Ballroom (probably cancelled due to coronaviurs)
8/7 – 8/9 – Swingtacular
7/11 – 7:00-10:30p - Napa Ballroom
End of the Month Dance Socials 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise noted:
Fri. 5/1
Fri. 5/29
Sat. 6/27
Sat. 8/1
Sat. 8/29
Fri. 10/2

 DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR UPCOMING GROUP DANCE CLASSES HERE during the 1st -18th of every month!


Monthly Checklist

Have you?

Added upcoming event dates to your calendar?
Voted for next month's classes?

Picked out your 20-15% off Dio wear item for the month?

Invited at least 1 person you like to a new class session with you?

Well, we knew this was coming.....

Ruben and I had just finished our private lesson when we got the word. People were just arriving. I turned them away letting them know I had to cancel classes effective immediately. I don't know why, but I cried. Turning away people I loved, having to announce our doors were shut.... while I knew it was the reality coming for us, I still cried. That lasted moments until Krystal walked in and we went to work.

Brent, Ruben, Krystal, Antoinette and I (the people already there) sat with a pizza at the table and brainstormed. Antoinette left, and then the 4 of us remaining stayed until 11pm continuing to try to figure this all out. We brainstormed, created test groups, test videos, test shares, gathered up necessary equipment and left after 11pm feeling like we had accomplished something..... here are the preliminaries:

Brent and I have cleared out our front room to shoot live (and/or pre-recorded) classes for you. We brought home equipment necessary to make this happen as well. Brent and I will shoot remotely from our home. We are working on ways to bring you quality instruction, videoing and content. There will be a learning curve, BUT! We are already working very diligently on the issue and we will adapt and overcome as we go! 

If you want to know how you can participate in online classes now, checkout our Online Group Classes and Online Private Lessons pages. 

Below we have provided a monthly checklist for ALL our students. 

Click HERE to read everything we want you to know BEFORE (or shortly after) attending our studio for the 1st time.

CORONAVIRUS - How we're handling things while we're on orders for "Shelter at Home"