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Here are some important dates we’d like you to know and put on your calendars: (Dates and times subject to change, additional events may be added. Always look at our online calendar for the most up to date information, and to find additional details about these events,

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

Outside Dancing:
Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.
End of the Month Dance Socials 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise noted:

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

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Monthly Checklist

Have you?

Added upcoming event dates to your calendar?
Voted for next month's classes?

Picked out your 20-15% off Dio wear item for the month?

Invited at least 1 person you like to a new class session with you?

Farewell Anniversary Party – Sunday, Nov. 1st - 5:00-8:00 pm
The exact date of November 1st marks our 10 years in operation and I really hope you will come out to say a farewell and thanks for the memories. As most of you know, we have always thrown a big Thanksgiving/Grand opening Anniversary party in November to celebrate each year we have spent together as a family. This year we will continue that tradition – but as a farewell party. Because this year has been anything but normal for any of us, we decided our farewell party should reflect that. We ask everyone to come dressed in something they would not normally wear (not at a studio party at least).

Some ideas:

  • It is the day after Halloween, so costumes are perfect for this occasion. 
  • Formal attire you never get an opportunity to wear.
  • A wedding dress or that especially hideous bridesmaid dress your sister made you wear.
  • An awesome pajama onesie. 
  • Completely comfortable but totally mismatched clothing. Different shoes, different length socks, shorts with a long sleeve.... you get the point. 

The studio will be mostly empty except for some fold-out tables and chairs, but we will do it in our traditional potluck style. Please bring a dish to share. Keep in mind social distancing will be quite difficult to do while eating, so please only come if you are healthy and are comfortable taking that risk. We will do our best to spread out tables and chairs. When not eating/drinking, we should wear masks at all other times, so please come prepared. 

Angeline Lucia  


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