Here are some important dates we’d like you to know and put on your calendars: (Dates and times subject to change, additional events may be added. Always look at our online calendar for the most up to date information, and to find additional details about these events,

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

Outside Dancing:
We are teaching FREE Latin dance lessons at Nebula on Main in downtown Vacaville every Saturday from 8 -9 pm, with open dancing afterward. No cover!
End of the Month Dance Socials 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise noted:

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

 DON'T FORGET TO VOTE FOR UPCOMING GROUP DANCE CLASSES HERE during the 1st -18th of every month!


Monthly Checklist

Have you?

Added upcoming event dates to your calendar?
Voted for next month's classes?

Picked out your 20-15% off Dio wear item for the month?

Invited at least 1 person you like to a new class session with you?


Covid may have closed our commercial studio, but it hasn't stopped us from dancing! Lessons continue on both in the fresh open air, as weather permits, and in our in-home studio. I am finally able to witness again first-hand the accomplishments and goals reached for individual students.

This has been especially obvious in the area of fitness. While students could continue to practice their dance patterns etc from home (though, let's be honest, most didn't practice nearly enough), even those students who continued to work out through the pandemic did not get the same results we've been able to get together. It's been exciting witnessing new goals being attained and knowing I get to be an intrinsic part of that. So while I've always strived to keep my prices low, and that has meant a lot of personal and professional financial sacrifices, this job has been rewarding on SO MANY other levels. You guys really make it worth it in the end!

Currently we do not have plans for opening up a separate studio location, but certainly, if someone wins the lottery and wants to purchase me a ballroom space, I'll be happy to receive ;) Til then, we'll see you in class. 

Angeline Lucia  

CORONAVIRUS - The latest news during uncertain times

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Below we have provided a monthly checklist for ALL our students. 

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