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Here are some important dates we’d like you to know and put on your calendars: (Dates and times subject to change, additional events may be added. Always look at our online calendar for the most up to date information, and to find additional details about these events,

Best Week EVER - Meeting 1: March 4th - 6:30-7:45 pm

​Meeting 2: March 12th - 10:00-11:15 am

Outside Dancing:
All-Star Swing Jam - March 18-20 - Concord, Ca.

Sacramento Salsa & Bachata Festival - June 24-26 - Sacramento, Ca
End of the Month Dance Socials 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise noted:

Cancelled until further notice.



Monthly Checklist

Have you?

Added upcoming event dates to your calendar?
Voted for next month's classes?

Picked out your 20-15% off Dio wear item for the month?

Invited at least 1 person you like to a new class session with you?


Studio Flooring
If you know anyone in the market for the highest quality wood flooring money can buy for dance or fitness (like group X rooms, or basketball gymnasium type), or even in a home, please let me know. I have all my flooring (1,500 sq ft) stored on pallets (to preserve it) in storage still and would love to sell it to someone who could put it to good use. If you’ve been in the studio, you know what it looks like and know how good of quality it is (it is the same flooring “Dancing with the Stars” uses). It’s tongue and groove and clips. With lumber prices the way they are, there’s no way they could find a better deal on that flooring. It would cost about double the amount I paid for it now. Just putting it out there if any of you know someone in the market!

And I guess that’s about all I have to say! Looking forward to reconnecting with you all in this new year!
Angeline Lucia  

Below we have provided a monthly checklist for ALL our students. 

Click HERE to read everything we want you to know BEFORE (or shortly after) attending our classes for the 1st time.

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