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Sat. 10/17 – Halloween Movie Night
Sat. 10/24 – Halloween Costume Party

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Cancelled until further notice because of Corona Virus.
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Sat. 8/29
Fri. 10/2

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This month has had so many neutrals and downs. I wish I could say ups and downs, but, if I’m honest, I can’t really say there have been ups.
In the past 30 days I have sent in my 30 day notice twice to the landlord, and written you all a farewell to the studio letter, but in the end we were able to work it out – but let me tell you, there was a LOT of heartache involved.
So here’s where we are now – we are staying in our current location, but only temporarily. It was revealed through the negotiations that the landlord already had plans to move us out of that space because of future plaza plans that will be “incorporating the breezeway”. I have no idea what they are planning with my space, but I know it does not include a dance & fitness studio.
Initially they offered to let me move into a space 4 doors down from us (the VR space), but that space is not ideal for us for several reasons, the biggest being that it’s only 24’ wide. Much too narrow for our ballroom floor! At that point I asked if we could just stay in our current location and that is when I was told they wanted to change our space into something new and that was why he wanted us to move. When I sent in my 30 day notice again, he then offered to allow us to stay, but only temporarily, in our current location. My lease will continue to be on a month to month basis which is good for him because when he needs us to be out, he can give me a 30 day notice and we will be out, and it’s good for me going back into this. I’m not really sure in the wake of Covid that I can support the amount of rent we have been paying. In the event business cannot support it, I can give my 30-day notice and not worry about the consequences of breaking a longer-term lease. Meanwhile, it also gives me time to reassess how things are moving in our industry, and if it makes sense to look for a new studio home, or if I need to make a dramatic shift in order to financially support myself. 
So that’s where we are at with the studio location.
Now as far as when we can actually open, I have no idea. There is zero communication we receive as business owners, especially about our specific business. We are not sent information about guidelines for opening, or when we can open. Unfortunately, I’m in the dark as much as you are regarding that. What I do know is that we are part of “Phase 4” (the final stage) opening, but anybody’s guess is as good as mine as to when they will initiate the opening of phase 4 businesses. Until we can open, as long as there is enough demand for online classes they will continue, especially as we continue to have no access to live classes or fitness centers. Private lessons for couples and singles are also being offered in my home. As restrictions loosen, I plan on testing very limited size group classes in my home – 6 students max. And if you haven’t noticed yet, I am starting with an outdoor pool “Aqua Fit” class in June. It was limited to 6 persons only and before I had even formally announced it, the class was filled. I am taking wait list names for possible added classes at this point.
Once we open the situation will become clearer of whether I can afford to continue running a studio or if things will need to change drastically for me. ​​

That’s all the update I have for you now. It’s “quarantine business” as usual with online classes, but I’m adding private lessons to my schedule, and Aqua Fit too.
I want you to know that I read all of your suggestions that you sent by email, but received so many (what a blessing), I couldn’t respond to all, but I have definitely taken into account your ideas and thoughts and considered how to implement some of them. I deeply appreciate all of the brainstorming and solution-storming!
Thank you all for your continued love and support! And certainly, the love and support you are showing is pretty much all that is keeping me standing most days. 
 Virtual hugs to all of you!


                                                                                    Laugh, Love, DANCE

Angeline Lucia  

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