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Here are some important dates we’d like you to know and put on your calendars: (Dates and times subject to change, additional events may be added. Always look at our online calendar for the most up to date information, and to find additional details about these events,

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

Outside Dancing:
Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.
End of the Month Dance Socials 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise noted:

Cancelled until further notice because of Covid.

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Monthly Checklist

Have you?

Added upcoming event dates to your calendar?
Voted for next month's classes?

Picked out your 20-15% off Dio wear item for the month?

Invited at least 1 person you like to a new class session with you?


We made it to May (well, just about)! As I eluded to in previous messages, I am moving forward with a plan for outdoor group classes. Location in Vacaville is still TBA, but it's coming! We have 3 classes available (Beginning Salsa and Cha Cha are TWICE a week, and Intro to Bachata is only once a week) for in-person and the rest of our program remains online (see the calendar for details). We are also bringing back Aqua Fit now that the weather is warmer! 

I can't wait to teach groups of humans in person again! (For more information regarding the in-person classes, take a look at our In-person Group Classes page for more info.)

If you know specifically of an indoor space we can use in the future (somewhere that won't break the bank in rental fees), please let me know as eventually, we will move towards indoor classes again. 

Well, we're still here. We no longer have our home studio, but we can't safely gather in groups yet either way. It's been rough for us dancers, huggers, and, in general, social people. We continue to do our best to offer a quality online experience in the interim. As we approach more temperate weather (thinking May) I will be looking to explore options for outdoor classes for both dance and fitness. Until then, I hope to see you online for group classes!

Believe you me when I say this: When the pandemic blows over, people will be ready more than ever to DANCE! Remember what happened after the 2 years of the Spanish Flu (1918-1920) - the ROARING 20's`!! Dance was all the rage in the forms of Charleston and Swing! People got out and socialized and danced their little hearts out! Be ready for that revival by 2022. I am confident dance will be back in full "swing" again by then - be ready! Dancers are hungry for this. It will happen. Don't enter the explosion rusty! Start brushing up on those skills NOW!

I can't wait to dance with everyone - everyone who remembers how to dance and won't rip my shoulder off. If you've forgotten all your patterns, proper technique, and form from neglecting your dancing skills, well, maybe we can dance after you've had some refresher lessons!  

Angeline Lucia  


If you want to know how you can participate in online classes now, checkout our Online Group Classes and Online Private Lessons pages. 

Below we have provided a monthly checklist for ALL our students. 

Click HERE to read everything we want you to know BEFORE (or shortly after) attending our studio for the 1st time.

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