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Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are ongoing, however, our membership period runs on regular 4-week schedules as noted on the calendar. Fitness classes are all drop-in classes, which means you can come and go any time (of course there is always a benefit to consistency in any fitness program, but if you miss a day or week(s), you will still do fine in the class). As with all of our group classes, you will only pay for classes you are committing to attend within the given session. We will never ask you to sign a 1-3 year contract like other fitness places. Tuition is due at the beginning of the session (or whenever you begin classes). 

What to expect in your Fitness Classes

Expect we will coach you through past the boundaries of your comfort zone - this is where we find results, and we are all about getting results for the work you put in. Expect we will ask you to work as hard as YOU can, no less, no more. We will offer modifications as necessary for all fitness levels and we don't care where you start in your fitness journey, we care that you arrive at a place where you feel confident, strong, healthy, and even a bit sexy in your own skin. We ask that you always honor your body and do what is best for you on that day - which can vary from day to day. Safety first! 

If you would like to know more about a specific fitness class, simply click on the class on the studio calendar and read the "Details" section, or click "more details" for more information. Here you will find specific information on what to expect from the class, equipment used, body benefits, what to wear, and more. 

How to Enroll

  • For group classes at our home studio, please call for the address and to confirm your space in class. 
  • Before your 1st class please fill out our Online Liability Waiver.
  • Simply show up about 10 mins early for your 1st class. Please be prepared to pay by Venmo or exact Cash/Check.


What to Wear

Wear clothes you can move in that breathe.  Wear appropriate foot attire (or bare feet) as appropriate for the class.  Remember to stay hydrated and bring a sweat towel.

Group Class Pricing

Unlimited Membership gives you access to all our regular Fitness AND Dance classes!

Studio Calendar

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For more information about a specific class, simply click on the class for more details.)