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Group Dance Classes

Our group class sessions are each 4-weeks long (unless otherwise noted). Any of our non-partnered classes, such as the Fitness classes, Line Dancing, and beginning adult tap and ballet, etc are drop-in classes, which means you can come and go any time (of course there is always a benefit to consistency in any program, but if you miss a day or week(s), you will still do fine in the class).  The partnered Dance classes, however, are progressive; each class building one upon the other.  Similar to a college course, students would not want to join in, in the middle of a session, nor miss many classes otherwise they would fall behind the rest of the class.  This is true of our partnered dance classes.  For this reason, students are required to enroll for the entire 4-week session, with the intention of attending all classes in that session.  New students can join up to the 2nd class. After the 2nd class enrollment will close for the session. If you enroll in a partnered dance class that is twice a week, you will need to attend both classes to keep up with the rest of the group or enroll in (a) private lesson(s) to make sure you keep up with the rest of the group. As with all our group classes, you will only pay for classes you are committing to attend within the 4-week session.  Because you only enroll in classes you are attending during that session, we do not roll over classes from one session to another for any unused classes. If you miss a class, we encourage you to make it up with any drop-in class within that same session. Tuition is due at the beginning of your session (or whenever you begin classes). 

We are democratic, so we let our students VOTE on the type of dance classes they'd like to see on the schedule from session to session.  

Want a say in what classes go on the next month's calendar?

VOTE HERE! We teach over 20 styles of Partner dances (ranging from Smooth/Standard - Rhythm/Latin - Social, etc), and several open-level Solo dance styles. We offer Intro/Beginner leveled classes, Open level, as well as Beyond Beginner, and Intermediate/Advanced levels. YOU can vote for the classes you would like to see on our class schedule. Once voting closes for the next session (2.5 weeks into the current session - on a Wednesday night), the top classes are put on the calendar for the next session. The top 2 voted dances generally go on the schedule twice a week. The other top-voted classes will go on the schedule once a week generally. 

Want to know more about the dances we teach?

Go to "Learn about the Dances" where we have all sorts of information including playlists of examples of the dance AND music for you to listen and practice to! Want to know more about a class currently on the schedule? Just click on that class on the calendar and click "more details".

What to Expect in your Group Dance Classes

No partner is required for dance classes. Couples and singles are welcome to attend. Because it is a GROUP class, we require everyone to dance with everyone in our group classes. 
We encourage everyone to participate as they are most comfortable - with or without a mask, however, we encourage anyone who has not been fully vaccinated to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of your fellow participants and teacher.

Expect to be a student; which means you will be learning, and not always feel comfortable or confident with the new information you are given. We want our students to have a great time, but also give them a solid foundation based on good technique and foundational patterns and movements. Expect corrections; as your instructors, it is our duty to make you into the best dancer we possibly can, and this can only be accomplished with good instruction, communication and corrections, and also coachable students. 

(To really get an idea of what to expect, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read our "Dance Class Etiquette" page, which will give you a COMPLETE look at what you can expect walking into our dance classes.) 

​If you would like to know more about a specific dance class, simply click on the class on the studio calendar and read the "Details" section, or click "more details" for more information. Here you will find more specific information. 

​How to Enroll

  • For group classes at our home studio, please call for the address and to confirm your space in class. 

  • Before your 1st class please fill out our Online Liability Waiver.

  • Simply show up about 10 mins early for your 1st class. Please be prepared to pay by Venmo or exact Cash/Check.

What to Wear

Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in and appropriate foot attire (dance shoes, jazz sneakers, leather-soled shoes, or even socks).  If and when you are ready to become a little more serious, we can order dance shoes for you in a wide array of styles.  In the meantime, you want to wear something that stays on your feet (flip-flops, slip-ins, and mules not recommended)!  Please no marking soles on our floor! (If you want more information about dance shoes, please take a look at our "Dance Shoes" section.)

Group Class Pricing

Unlimited Membership gives you access to all our regular Dance AND Fitness classes!