FB Group Class Links

Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment

Joining us for online classes? Find online FB group class links here: Simply click "Join Group" to add yourself to the class and we will add you in! Find your Zoom invite codes to access your live online classes posted in the FB group feed. Live online classes available at day/time of class, or access the FB live recording in your group class any time during or after that class session. 

Group DANCE Class Links:

Beginner Salsa: IN PERSON ONLY 

Beginner Cha Cha: IN PERSON ONLY

Intro to Bachata: IN PERSON ONLY

Ballet: www.facebook.com/groups/dioballet5/ - ONLINE ONLY

Intro to West Coast Swing: www.facebook.com/groups/diowcswing5/ - ONLINE ONLY

Group FITNESS Class Links: (All fitness classes except Aqua Fit are currently online only)
Muscle Up:www.facebook.com/groups/diomuscleup5/


Tabata: www.facebook.com/groups/diotabata5/

Functional Fitness:www.facebook.com/groups/diofuncfit5/

Calisthenics Training: www.facebook.com/groups/diocaltrain5/


Aqua Fit: www.facebook.com/groups/dioaquafit5