Tel: 707.761.5214    Hours: Monday-Thursday 6-10pm and by appointment


Group Classes - All of this info (and more) can also be found by clicking on the general Group Class page, the Dance Group Class page, and/or the Fitness Group Class page.

How do I enroll in classes/get started?

Just show up!  Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your class.  You will receive an online liability/etc waiver, pay your tuition and you are ready to go!

When do I enroll in classes/pay tuition?  Late fee policy.

Please pay for all your classes for the month on the 1st day of your attendance in a new month. Paying for multiple classes in a month offers you a discounted rate on each class. Alternatively, you can also choose to pay class by class at a higher lesson rate. If payment is not remitted with 8 days of your 1st class, we will charge a late fee of $20.

What if I miss my class?

The studio allows you to make up drop-in classes only in the month in which you missed your class.  (i.e.  You may make-up classes you miss in January, in the month of January only, not in February.)  The material you missed in your class cannot be replaced, but you are encouraged to take drop-in classes to make up for the missed class.  The easiest way to make up the material is to take a private lesson to learn what you missed. Alternatively, you can come early before the following class and ask one of the other students to try to show you what you missed. If you have to miss multiple classes you should schedule one or more private lessons with your instructor to keep up with the course material if you want to reintegrate back into class with the rest of the students. 

What is the difference between Progressive & Drop-In classes?

Progressive classes require a commitment to the full session of classes (1 month). Because these classes build upon each other, it is important all lessons are attended for the month. These classes cannot be made up except with a supplemental private lesson. All of our partnered dance classes are progressive.  

​Drop-in classes do not require consistent attendance, as they are not progressive. Students are encouraged to attend regularly, however, it is not required. 


Which classes are Drop-In & which are Progressive?

All the Fitness Classes and solo dance classes (i.e. tap, ballet, line dancing) are Drop-In. All partnered dance classes are progressive.   

How much do classes cost?

See Group Classes for detailed group class pricing information and Private Lessons for detailed private lesson pricing.  If you come in to take 1 group class and 1 class only, you will pay $12.  The more classes you commit to in the month, the less you pay per class. Unlimited Membership is $115 per month.  Private sessions are between $80 - $45 a lesson.   

What classes can I take as an Unlimited Member?

You can take all of the regular weekly classes which are appropriate for your level (i.e. only intermediate dancers can take the intermediate level dance classes). Specialty workshops and dances are at an additional cost, though often times discounted for our Unlimited Members.  We encourage our Unlimited Members to take as many classes as are open to them.

I’m a beginner and have no dance experience.  What classes should I take?

Any of the “Beginner”, "Intro", or Open level classes will be great for you. 

What is “Beyond Beginner”?

The intermediary class between your Beginner and Intermediate level.  If you have the very basics down but aren’t quite ready for the intermediate class, then this class is for you. 

How do I know if I am ready for the intermediate class?

If you are familiar and comfortable with the entire beginner syllabus, then you should be ready for the intermediate class.  Or, just ask your instructor! 

PRIVATE LESSONS - All of this info and more can be found by clicking on the Private Lessons page. 

How much do private lessons cost?

See Private Lessons for detailed  pricing. Essentially, the more lessons you do in a 30 day period, the less you pay per lesson. Private sessions are between $80 - $45 a lesson. 

How do I schedule a private lesson?
Private lessons are scheduled at any day and time that is convenient for both the instructor and student(s). Any private must be scheduled around the group class schedule. We can not accommodate private lessons and group classes at the same time currently. You can call or text Angeline at the studio number (707-761-5214) to schedule.

Do privates cost the same amount for a couple as a single person?
Dance lessons, yes.  A private lesson price is the same for 1 person as it is 2.  Any other additional person is $10 each.  A personal training session is just for 1 person.


What type of payment is accepted?
We accept cash, check or credit.  Visa, American Express, Mastercard & Discover are accepted.  (It should be noted, a 3% fee will be charged for this service.)

What should I wear for class?
Clothing: Wear whatever you are comfortable moving in.  Clothes that will not require constant adjustment as you move are best (for example, tube tops are often problematic….).  Fabric that breathes is most ideal.  It is suggested to wear well-fitted fitness clothing for your classes (as opposed to large baggy shirts and sweats).  It is important to be able to see your body in movement. ​

Shoes:  Whatever class you are electing to take please be sure to wear NON-marking soles!  Scuff marks created can sometimes be near impossible to remove and we want to protect our floor! 

Dance class:  For a full break down of what type of shoe to wear for the type of dance you are doing, check out our "Dance Shoes" section. Of course a ballroom shoe is most appropriate for partnered dance classes.  Ballroom shoes have suede bottoms, stay on feet properly (as opposed to a slip-in shoe or flip-flop) and are usually more flexible than your traditional shoe.  Another good choice is the jazz sneaker.  Jazz sneakers have no middle arch to them, so you can still work through your feet, and are not sticky on the bottom so you can turn easily in them.  If these are not viable options for you, any shoe that is not too sticky, too slippery, will stay on and are comfortable should work.  Shoes NOT appropriate for dance classes would be sticky rubber-bottomed shoes that make it difficult to turn in, shoes with heels so high they are difficult to balance in, or slip-on shoes such as mules or flip-flops.  Dancing in your socks would be preferable. 

Fitness Classes:  About ½ of the fitness classes can or should be done bare foot.  For the other classes our shoe of preference here at this studio is the Vibram Fivefinger.  (Think gloves for your feet with a rubberish bottom).  These shoes are light, flexible and, most importantly, allow your feet to work and move the way they were meant to.  These shoes will strengthen your feet and lower limbs, improve balance and propreoception.  If you take a look at the class description you can find more detailed information about proper footwear for your class.   

Do I need a partner?
No.  You never have to bring a partner with you for any class or dance.

Do you hold dances?

Yes! We typically hold one dance social at the end of the month (or sometimes at the very beginning of the next month depending on the calendar).  Whatever dance styles have been highlighted for the month will be the main styles of music played at the dance social for people to practice what they have been learning that month, but we will also play other types of music as well. Dance socials are for dancers of all levels to enjoy.  Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable and fun environment for all.  You are encouraged to dance with as many people as possible throughout the duration of the social.

Where is the studio?

I know we’re a little hard to find. Take a look at the Location/Directions page for descriptive details on how to find us. 

Where can I buy dance shoes?

At the studio! We will fit you and either you can purchase a pair of shoes we have in stock, or we can order whatever size, style, color etc you want and generally have it to the studio in about 3 business days. Check out our dance shoe page for all the info. Alternatively, you can take your chances buying them from an online source.

What is your returned check policy?

As with most businesses, we have a $25 fee for any returned check.

What is your cancellation policy?

For private sessions: As the person now responsible for your dance/fitness education, I prefer to never just cancel a lesson, but rather reschedule it for another day or time within the same week.  However, in the event one should need to cancel their lesson, a 3 day advance notice is greatly appreciated, so I might be able to accommodate other students.  Should the lesson be cancelled with less than 24 hours advance notice, there will be a charge of the lesson rate imposed.  (Reasonable exceptions will be made.) General classes: There are no refunds for cancellation of any lessons.  Lessons are not transferable to another party or future months.

How long will it take me to learn?

That’s a great question that no one can really answer for you. This question is best answered with more questions:

- ​How determined are you to learn? Those who are determined succeed. - How much time will you spend taking lessons? Learning requires immersing yourself in a learning environment. - How much effort/time will you put into practicing what you learned in your lessons? What you put in is what you will get out of it. - How much previous dance or athletic movement experience do you have that will help you learn dance moves and help you with things like balance, posture, coordination, strength and flexibility? – These skill sets will help you learn faster, but without them, you can still learn to dance. It might just take you a little more time. - How much natural, God given talent do you have for movement and dancing and remembering? Again, this does not determine whether you CAN learn, just how much quicker you may be able to learn.
So, without knowing the answer to any of these questions, one cannot tell you the answer. What I do know is: WITH ENOUGH HEART & DETERMINATION ANYONE CAN LEARN HOW TO DANCE. ANYONE. To get an idea of what you might be able to expect from yourself, most beginning students take the beginning class at least a couple of times before moving on to the intermediate class. Once they’re ready for the intermediate class, often times they will take the beginning class in conjunction with the intermediate class to continue to solidify their basics and improve their technique. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you. No one is judging you because everyone has been there before, or is traveling along that path with you. Just enjoy the journey!