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Do you sell dance shoes? YES! 
We are an official distributor of Very Fine Dance shoes.  Which means we can offer you a gargantuan selection of dance shoes, boots and sneakers in a variety of fabrics, styles, heels and colors at fantastic prices! We also carry a limited stock of Sway’D boots.

Why do you sell Very Fine Dance Shoes instead of some of the other brands?
In my dance lifetime I have worn MANY different brands of shoes, and have personally worn Very Fine Shoes now almost exclusively for over a decade. While I have worn some shoes that were better quality, I also had to pay about twice to 3x the price for the shoe as well! I have also worn brands that were cheaper, the same, or even more expensive than ours, but they fell apart too quickly for me. The bottom line is Very Fine shoes are made for ballroom dancers, they LAST, and normal people can actually afford them.  They don’t fall apart quickly, their shoes are flexible (super important for dancers), and you can’t find the selections of styles anywhere else on the market for the price. The brand is tried and true and that is why I have been wearing them since I discovered them over a decade ago, and that is why Very Fine is the brand I carry at my studio.

If you do not have the size, style or color I am looking for can you order it for me?
Yes, if the shoe is in stock at the Very Fine Warehouse, we can generally have it here in 3 business days. Once ordered, your shoes can not be returned and will be non-refundable, so please keep this in mind when making your purchase. Shoes should be paid for when ordered.   
Sizes:  If you need a different size, simply let us know which style and color and we will order it.  
Style/Color:  Looking for a different style? We have something you are looking for. There are literally 100’s of styles, in all sorts of colors, and in usually a couple different heel sizes.  

Can I custom order a shoe with my own design?
Yes! You can actually design your own shoes. Pick your style, color, pattern, textile, heel, width, size, etc. Most custom orders will take between 5-8 weeks, but in some cases, up to 2-3 months to arrive. Prices are listed above. Once ordered, your custom shoes cannot be returned or exchanged through the studio or the manufacturer, so please keep this in mind when making your purchase.  

How long will it take for orders to come in?
Generally, 3 business days.  

What is your return/exchange policy for dance shoes?
Once ordered, your shoes cannot be returned through the studio and will be non-refundable, so please keep this in mind when making your purchase. Exchanges can ONLY be made on shoes that have not been worn for pairs already in stock in the studio, so please make sure when trying them on your shoe is a good fit before wearing them. Any new pair of shoes needing to be returned/exchanged with manufacturer will be at the cost of the buyer.        
If your shoe should have some defect more than normal wear and tear, please bring it to our attention and we will contact the distributor to see if we can resolve the issue.  

** Please note we will only hold your shoes in our studio for a period of 60 days. After 60 days we reserve the right to resell any abandoned orders. 

Ballroom Dance Shoes