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  • If they start to get stinky, use a spray like odor-eaters on your feet before and after use, or even directly in the foot bed. You aren't the 1st dancer to experience this, but the odor-eater spray (or similar) can clear that up pretty quickly (we even keep a can of it in the bathroom for you at our studio).
  • When the suede bottom becomes flat, smooth and begins to have a sheen to it, take a stiff wire shoe brush to it. The best technique for this is a "pick and lift" technique, which will scrape less of the suede off. Most people do just that, they scrape off the top layer with the brush, which works as well, but the "pick and lift" method can extend the life of your sole. Make sure to brush this into a garbage can, and not on to the floor where you and everyone else will step.  

How to Care for your Ballroom Shoes


3 things you can do to keep you shoes in good condition and lasting as long as possible (many of mine have lasted me over a decade - but then again, I have several pairs...I mean, it is my job, and I do own a dance store.....and I love shoes. And because I love them, I take care of them :)

  • Only wear your shoes on smooth, dry, clean surfaces (like a good dance floor). Because your ballroom shoes have a suede bottom, they are only meant to be worn on smooth surfaces. Surfaces like cement, asphalt and other similar surfaces would literally wear a hole through the sole eventually. Grass and dirt would ruin the bottoms, and any kind of liquid, including water, make the soles feel like gum. Use your shoe bag to bring your shoes in and out of the dance venue. Don't get lazy and wear them outside. Keeping your soles clean, dry and used on smooth surfaces is a must for longevity of your shoes.