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  Janitor / All around dance slave and mistress / The "Boss"

Angeline Luci

    Owner / Primary Instructor /Admin / Marketing/Advertising Director

Angeline has been classically trained in ballet since the age of 6, participating in such summer programs as Joffrey Ballet in NY for 3 summers, Nashville Ballet in TN, and BalletMet in OH.  She also studied at the University of California Irvine for a year as a dance major before venturing into the world of ballroom dancing. In southern California she immersed herself in the world of salsa, teaching and competing at the professional level.  Soon she found herself expanding her knowledge of partner dances through Arthur Murray’s in Woodland Hills, CA.  Having already been teaching dance since the age of 16, Angeline felt right at home in the ballroom studio surrounded by students and friends alike. After a year teaching at Arthur Murray’s, Angeline found herself back in her hometown of Vacaville, continuing to do what she loves most; dancing. 

For a few examples of Angeline's dancing, check out some of the videos you can find on youtube below.

Covid may have closed, the studio, but it did not stop her from teaching, as she continues to teach in Vacaville both group and private lessons. 

After years of teaching all over the Northern California area, she opened up her own studio location in 2010 (DioAmore Dance & Fitness Studio), which, unfortunately, and rather tragically, was another victim of Covid, and after 10 years in operation, was forced to close its doors. 


Now familiar with over 20 styles of dance and with a few fitness certifications under her belt, she is bringing her 30 plus years of experience as a dancer, 20 plus years as a dance instructor, and knowledge of fitness and healthy living to the Vacaville area in hopes to “Transform people into happier, healthier individuals in mind, body, and spirit through dance and fitness”.  Her belief is that one must do 5 things every day to truly live, not just exist: 1)  Laugh 2)  Love 3)  Learn 4)  Sing, and last, but certainly not least, 5)  DANCE!      

​​Dance, fitness and healthy, happy living in general are her passion and Angeline feels SO blessed to have found a way to use her passion to serve others so they might find that same health and happiness in their own lives.  Dance and fitness is not just about the body for her, it is a light that illuminates the soul and mind as well.  She hopes they can do the same for you.

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